Best Belt Sander on the Market Today

It’s not so easy to find the best belt sander, right?

However, you are in the right place. In this article, I will help you to find it. I have chosen  5  sanders along with overall rating and my personal experiences.

Sanding has always been that dirty job of the project that no one likes or wants to do but to make a great item one has to sand. It just has to be done. For that reason alone, men have been striving to make sanding less of a chore and more of a pleasurable task. The advent of electricity made that quest a whole lot easier and now the home carpenter has lots of electronic choices


There are basically two types of belt sanders—those you can hold in your hand and manipulate over the wood and those that are attached to a worktable and you manipulate the wood project that needs sanding. We are not going to talk cost for some of the portable handheld sanders clocks in at a higher price than some of the tabletops mounted sanders.

Let me introduce top 5 best belt sander,

1. Makita 9403—is said to be the quietest sander in its category and produces a speed up to 1,640 feet per minute while driving a 4” belt. You cannot go wrong with a Makita. The motor is sealed for its protection.



2. Powertec BD4800—this table mounted beauty works with a 4×8 inch belt, has a disc sander for those small jobs and a work table that can be used for both types of belts. It has a great dust collection system making sanding less dirty and messy. Changing the belts is very easy.

best belt sander


3. Hitachi SB8V2—Using a 3 x 21-inch belt and speed up to 1475 feet per minute this quality sander delivers the power you need for any sanding project. It has a quick release system making belt changes simple as well as a great dust collection bag that keeps the mess from getting over everything. It weighs below 10 pounds.

best belt sander


4. Wen 6502—Another great table mounted model. It has a 4 x 21-inch belt on a table that can be adjusted to 90 degrees making it a convenient tool for any sanding project. The aluminum table has a slide arm allowing for easier use of the accompanying disk sander making this a sander capable of handling almost any home project

best belt sander

Wen 6502


5. Porter Cable 352VS Is a 3 x 21-inch belt sander commanding speed between 850 to 1350 feet per minute. It is run by a belt and gear drive. Its dust collection bag turns 360 degrees keeping it out of the way when sanding.

best belt sander


Not everyone will agree with this list. Different people may have different thoughts. Some honorable mentions are the Craftsman 315.117265; the Black and Decker DS321; The Jet 708447 OES-80CS; The Wen 6321 Heavy Duty; and the Genesis GBS321A.

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Whatever your sanding need, there is an electric belt sander out there for you.

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