Best Chainsaw - Top 10 Comparison 2018

It’s not easy to find a perfect chainsaw as there are plenty of brands and differenct kind of chainsaws available in the market. But I will help you to categories them which will help you to understand it. So, this will be a buyer guide and a review guide. Let’s start this review by discussing your requirements.

Mechanization of labor of loggers is not a new invention, the growing appetites of industry and construction, the canonical bearded peasant with an ax, ceased to satisfy at the end of the 19th century. At the same time, the main elements of the modern chainsaw were invented, finally assembling the saw chain, the guide tire and the light petrol engine at the beginning of the twentieth century. Since then, a lot has changed, but the design of the chainsaw retains time-tested features: a two-stroke engine, a centrifugal clutch, a chain with sharp teeth rotating around the perimeter of the guide. But even with the age of this mechanism, in which, it would seem, everything has been brought to perfection, the choice of a reliable and convenient chainsaw can cause difficulties. Well, let’s try to understand what the market offers us today.

We should investigate how you approach picking the best-evaluated cutting tools for you and what you have to remember when you do! Unless you’re an expert tree cutting specialist in terms of professional career, there’s a decent shot you’re not going to need to utilize a cutting tool frequently. Be that as it may, when you do require one – no other device will cut it… actually! 

Think about hacking down substantial trees – that only a chainsaw will work for. So on the off chance that you have a major tree in your garden that is continuously thumping down your fence or undermining to fall through your orangery, you may end up expecting to lift one up. In like manner, they can be valuable for pruning shrubs and seeing as they aren’t excessively costly, they’re certainly worth keeping around.

The main question, however, is the means by which you approach finding the correct cutting tool for you. These are frightening apparatuses most likely – with especially brutal ruinous ability. That implies you need to be sure that you’re getting something that will be protected and dependable, while in the meantime being certain to get enough power that your gadget will have the capacity to deal with the occupations you’re anticipating tossing at it.

Wrapping Up


What should I consider when choosing the best chainsaw?

Power should be compared with the volume of the motor

The higher the degree of forcing, the more usually the resource also suffers. It’s hardly worth pursuing it, buying an amateur model with a short tire.

The length of the tire is quite a clear distinction between classes

You can cut firewood at the dacha and short, but a short saw is easier and more convenient to transport, but on a serious felling of the forest you will inevitably have to look for a professional model with a long tire.

The effectiveness of protective devices is important even in the amateur model

From accidental chain snacking and strong jerk is not insured by anyone, be sure to check how the brake works by selecting a saw in the store.

The type of adjustment of the circuit is also worth making one of the priorities

Make sure to appreciate both the convenience of the regulator and its strength. For a large power reserve, it is not worth pursuing: the chain is much more likely to burst, which is extremely dangerous.

The fuel consumption indirectly affects the usability

The smoky and air-poisoning saw, even in the wind, will want to be thrown out.

The type of lubrication mechanism

This is more convenient, of course, automatic, but one should immediately ask about the reputation of a specific model – are there any problems with it?



Brand & ModelAlpina A3700Husqvarna 236Husqvarna 450eDaewoo DACS 5218Husqvarna 576XP
Weight (total)5.1 kg7.66 kg5.1 kg7.1 kg6.9 kg
Power1200 W1400 W2400 W2600 W4250 W
Chain Speed24.4 m/s16.3 m/s23.2 m/s21.4 m/s

Chainsaw Reviews


The undivided reign in the amateur segment of the mastodons of the gasoline equipment market – Husqvarna and Stihl – was shattered thanks to the Chinese twice: first these companies themselves, cheapening the production, moved their production to the Celestial Empire, having lost quality, and then the Chinese themselves learned to clone the someone else’s equipment with dignity affordable price. Now we have a saw, which clearly reminds something … Hmm, and in fact its design clearly has much in common with a quite worthy “donor” – Komatsu-Zenoah G3700, and this is a good recommendation. How successful was the clone in practice?. Proudly affixed to the tire inscription Oregon can not but rejoice – it promises reliability of the saw unit, although the protective plastic on the tire still quickly flakes off. The tire itself has a length of 35 cm, which in household use is quite enough. The chain has the most common step – 3/8 inches, there will be no problems with finding a replacement. Motor chainsaw – a small two-stroke with a volume that slightly did not reach to 40 “cubes”. On the one hand – it gives small fuel consumption, on the other – the saw is clearly not for heavy work, for this 1.6 horsepower is clearly not enough. The fuel tank is also small – 300 ml. Although the handle of the chainsaw is made of a fairly cheap and rigid plastic, the vibration level is acceptable on it, and given that the saw is not intended for professional use, in its average statistical mode of operation, the owner will not tire. There are no complaints about the brake of the chain. Alas, the Chinese would not be themselves, do not need the tool in a small tweak after purchase. In this case we are talking about a carburetor – on many saws it should be immediately adjusted. The casing is not very well made – under it the sawdust, which interfere with the work of the brake and which retard the chain itself, is quickly filled. However, any tool after work is worth cleaning.

Husqvarna 236

Having won recognition (and for many the words “Husqvarna” and “chainsaw” are almost synonyms), one has to accept the increased demands of users: they will always remember the famous Swedish company that they will forgive the little-known Chinese brand. For the 236th model, “brand diseases” are two: firstly, constantly leaky oil (most owners either change it to a thicker one, or are poured into storage), and secondly, often marked failures of ignition. The first can not be called such a serious drawback for the model from the budget segment, if you recall the same “Shtyla”, where, although there is an oil pump that does not let the oil flow to the tire on the muffled motor, but its drive worm of soft plastic is regularly cut, especially when the ubiquitous sawdust gets to the mechanism, but here the failure of the ignition can seriously spoil the pleasure of buying a “proprietary” thing. However, enough about the sad – the saw is still not bad. With a power of 1.9 hp. she confidently copes with most household tasks, and a 40-centimeter tire is very good for amateur chainsaws. Vibrations on the arms are tolerable, but I would like to add to them a more efficient muffler: 116 passport decibels, when working under heavy load, hit too hard on the ears.

Stihl MS 170, Stihl MS 250, Stihl MS 361-16, Stihl MS 880-36

Well, I have so many things to talk about STIHL products. So, I wrote a separate review for STHIL products. As this is about top 10 chainsaws, I added above mentioned products of STIHL to the list. Anyway you can read reviews of these products from here.

Husqvarna 450e

Quite serious chainsaw with good cooling and engine capacity of 3.2 hp, capable of long work under load without signs of overheating. In amateur practice (at home or at the garage). its capacity is sufficient with a margin. A half-meter bus can be felled by trees, but at the same time the saw does not interfere with excessive dimensions and weight. What did you like about the saw? Firstly, it is an excellent air filtration system – it is taken in the vicinity of the cooling impeller, which simultaneously acts as a centrifugal pre-filter: the filter is clogged slower, and it is also easy to remove. Secondly, the chain tension regulator allows you to adjust its sagging without any special tools. Well, thirdly – an excellent anti-vibration system, and the 50-cubic meter motor is not badly balanced. By the way, he has a system of separate lubrication, so you will not need to stir petrol and oil yourself. Well, the obligatory fly in the ointment – here it is, as in the case of the 236th model, a high noise level (104 dB in the ear of the operator).

Daewoo Power Products DACS 5218

Korean chainsaw in the first place was pleased with the price for 3.5 hp. powers are a bit, most “brand” saws for this money – low-power amateur. The motor really works perfectly and “pulls” any load. The volume of the fuel tank is half a liter, taking into account the decent economic efficiency, this is quite enough, and just by the time of refueling you will want to rest and give a rest to the saw. Inside the engine, it was found not a cast-iron liner, but a nickel-plated coating: this is a smaller loss on friction, and a lower risk of wedging with overheating (less difference in the thermal expansion of the piston and cylinder). The reverse side of the coin – the need to monitor the condition of the air filter: scuffles in the nickel piston are not repairable, if the cast iron master cylinder manages to bore, picking up a piston of increased diameter and then only replacement is possible. To access the air filter or turn on the “winter” carburetor heating mode, no tool is required – this is also a plus in the Daewoo piggy bank.

Husqvarna 576XP-18

“That’s it!” – Involuntarily comes to mind. With this 6.6-kilogram chain saw equipped with a 70-centimeter tire, you involuntarily start to feel yourself a Space Marine, with the help of a pencil and faith in the Emperor who eradicates heresy. As in the 450e already mentioned above, preliminary centrifugal air purification is applied here. If in a semi-professional model it’s more like a nice piece, then for a professional chainsaw it’s already a solid plus: it raises a lot of dust at work, and given the fact that the cylinder volume is higher, the filter would be clogged up otherwise quickly. The verdict will be simple, the best recommendations. The best chainsaw in our rating – unless, of course, you do not mind the weight.

Top Rated Chainsaws

01. Homelite UT Chainsaw

This saw has numerous decent elements including an air cleanse, springs for vibration control, apparatus free chain tensioner and transparent gas and oil repositories, and it accompanies a case. We found the device free instrument marginally harder to use than most and the leeway between the handle and the chain brake somewhat tight. Online surveys are blended, yet our test saw ran easily.

02. Poulan Chainsaw

Chainsaw Reviews


Like the Craftsman, this saw incorporates an air cleanse knob and accompanies a case. It doesn’t have the apparatus free chain tensioner yet has a chain tensioner incorporated with the bar that is simpler to access than increasingly traditional chain strain agents. You need to expel screws to get to the air channel. We like the enormous grasps on the fuel and oil filler tops, however, don’t care for the way that there’s no vibration hosing incorporated with the handle. At a similar cost, the Craftsman offers the extra device free chain tensioner.

03. Craftsman Chainsaw

Chainsaw Reviews

Like the Craftsman, this saw incorporates an air cleanse knob and accompanies a case. It doesn’t have the apparatus free chain tensioner yet has a chain tensioner incorporated with the bar that is simpler to access than increasingly traditional chain strain agents. You need to expel screws to get to the air channel. We like the enormous grasps on the fuel and oil filler tops, however, don’t care for the way that there’s no vibration hosing incorporated with the handle. At a similar cost, the Craftsman offers the extra device free chain tensioner.

04. Jonsered CS 2240 S

Chainsaw Reviews

You can’t turn out badly purchasing a Jonsered saw. Jonsered offers models in everything except the most reduced value extend. This saw incorporates an apparatus free chain tensioner, a spring-helped starter rope, an air channel pre-cleaning framework, a press-down-to-stop and comes back to begin switch, a fuel level pointer and strong springs for vibration hosing. The saw begins effectively, runs smooth and cuts quickly. We couldn’t discover any blame with this saw.

Some Best Chainsaw Brand

# STIHL Chainsaw

Over the years STIHL produced top quality products for their users and there is no doubt that they are one of the best chainsaw manufactures in the world. Well, I’m not gonna discuss this brand here, because it has lots of areas to cover. So, I will write a separate review for that. You can click below to read more about Stihl and best stihl chainsaw reviews. 

# Homelite

Homelite makes reasonable gas and electric cutting tools that get blended surveys. Their electric cutting tool passages preferred in surveys over the gas, with individuals saying it functions admirably and is an awesome incentive at the cost. The gas gets some comparable acclaim from a couple of commentators, additionally a few protests about not having the capacity to handle anything besides rather the lightest of assignments, being difficult to begin, and just by and large being efficiently made.

# Poulan

Poulan gives reasonable gas and electric cutting tools that acquire blended surveys. A few surveys laud them for being anything but difficult to utilize and an incredible incentive for the cash, while others grumble that they don’t keep going long. In the event that reasonableness is a higher need to you than sturdiness, they might be justified, despite all the trouble. For a cutting apparatus that keeps going with negligible issues, you might be in an ideal situation looking somewhere else.

# Craftsman

Craftsman offers both electric and gas cutting apparatuses that gain blended audits. A few clients rave about how intense their cutting tools are and what a decent esteem they are for the cash. Others gripe that beginning them is troublesome and parts break after direct utilize. While numerous clients specify having a positive assessment of the Craftsman mark when all is said in done, they’re regularly not as much as happy with their cutting tools.