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Cordless chainsaws or battery powered electric chainsaws have become one of the most common tools. Some of the chainsaws are designed to cut down bigger trees while some are effectively used in cutting logs. The main thing to remember is that “there is no single best chainsaw”. If there were any then all of us might end up writing about that almighty chainsaw. Every chainsaw has its own specifications that can be used for specific duties.

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How to Pick the Perfect Corded Electric Chainsaw?

Before I introduce the top 09 chainsaws available on the market, I would like to point out some key points to consider before you buy.

  • Tension System
  • Bar and Chain
  • Chain Brake
  • Extension Cord
  • Safety Features
  • Overload Protection

Top 09 Chainsaw Reviews


01. Worx Electric Chainsaw – Best Cordless 

Worx electric chainsaw is a cheap and lightweight cordless chainsaw. This amazing cordless chainsaw is fun to use for home or DIY projects. It works efficiently in lawn management. The whole machine weighs only 6.2 pounds that makes its use easy. It has a 10-inch bar and chain that are modified for a low kickback. It contains a 20V lithium-ion battery providing enough energy to the motor to work efficiently. It is a brilliant choice for the young as well as for senior users.

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02. Makita Electric Chainsaw – Low Kickback

Makita electric chainsaw has a compatible dual 18V LXT lithium-ion battery instead of a single 36V battery. It has a 12-inch guide bar and chain optimized for the low kickback. Moreover, automatic oiling has been introduced in this cordless electric chainsaw where chain oil level can be noticed while working through the view window.

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03. Oregon Electric Chainsaw – Most Efficient

This cordless chainsaw is the only chainsaw that has a sharpening system to let you sharpen the chain at the working time. It comes with a lithium-ion battery of 40V and weighs only 12 pounds. This chainsaw can cut through an 8-inch pine tree log in just 10 sec and can continue cutting 47 such cuttings if the battery is fully charged. It has a 16-inch bar and chain that is specially designed to work effectively at working places.


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04. Poulan 14″ Electric Chainsaw – For Smooth Cutting

Poulan chainsaw contains 14-inch bar and chain and powered by 40V 2AH lithium-ion battery. Its chain is designed for smooth cutting through limbs and the tree logs up to 6-inch diameter. Its chrome plated cutters cut through hardwoods without putting any effort. It has quite a large oil level indicator than the other expensive chainsaws which have a small oil filling portion.

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05. Remington Electric Chainsaw – For Light Cutting

This chainsaw is designed to perform light cutting duties including cutting felling trees as well as small logs. It has a 16-inch blade and can cut through a diameter of 14 inches of a wood. It performs better when it is used to cut woods of 8 – 9 inches diameter. It has a 16-inch low kickback bar and chain. Having an oil cap just beside the front handle makes it easy for you to refill the oil while working. 12 Amp motor enables the machine to carry out its duties efficiently.

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06. Stihl Electric Chainsaw – Best Allrounder

Stihl chainsaw comes 14-inch bar and chain and weighs only 7.3 pounds. It becomes only 11 pounds when AP300 battery gets attached with it. It contains 36V lithium ion, 6Ah battery. Once it is fully charged, it serves you for 45 minutes making 43 cuts in the tree. It is a very balanced and easy to handle chainsaw having an oil bar at one side that can be refilled anytime. Stihl chainsaw is a brilliant choice for clean and smooth cuts.


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07. Craftsman Electric Chainsaw – Most Comfortable 

This chainsaw performs almost the same duties as many of the small gas powered saws. It is basically designed for occasional use. It performs home and farms light cutting duties. It weighs below 11 pounds that can be compared with other 18 inched electric saws. Soft grip handle enables to hold it comfortably. It comes with a 15 amp motor that makes the chainsaw powerful to perform its duties.

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08. Homelite Electric Chainsaw – Best Light-weight

As the name tells, this saw is designed for performing light cutting duties at home. It has a 14-inch blade which means that this chainsaw can cut a log with the 12-inch diameter in a single pass. It is a very light saw that weighs below 11 pounds and enables you to carry it easily. 9Amp motor producing 1,100 watts helps the saw to perform light duties efficiently.

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09. Harbor Freight Chainsaw – Best Trimmer

Harbor Freight Electric chainsaw is a lightweight chainsaw that is easy for trimming trees but also tough to cut thick branches.  This is a 14-inch electric chainsaw that has a 9 amp motor which helps in cutting trees with the diameter of 14 inches. It has an automatic oiler that is helpful in keeping the chain fully greasy.

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