Bosch GTC 230 C Professional Thermos Camera

We are talking about a global tool market leader-The mighty Bosch.Bosch recently introduced many new tools that will soon join the professional and amateur line.

Here is a list of what will be on the shelves within the next 12 months, new percussion screwdrivers and wrenches 12V Max lines and 18V, amateur cordless drills, amateur cordless drills with «intelligent electronic controls» system, the new cordless screwdriver IXO, the Bluetooth radio Multi-power, 12 -volt amateur circular saw, miter saw amateur, dust removal devices for Bulgarians, several models of circular saws, as well as professional hole saws.

In the future, we will tell more about these updates, but today will focus on the Imager and digital thermometer Bosch.

New imager is based on the heat sensor resolution of 80 x 60 pixels (perhaps production Lepton, as is the case with models Flir C2, One, and TG165), which means that during one scanning device measures temperature of 4800 points. A distinctive feature of the imager can be called a 3.5-inch touchscreen, and the ability to take photos and shoot videos.

Bosch claims that their new thermal imager:

Bosch GTC 230 C

Bosch GTC 230 C

Outperforms the competition in mind the presence of a color 3.5-inch touch screen, there may be carried out not only photos but also video shooting with sound.

Characteristics GTC 230 C Professional:

• Temperature range: -20 to + 230 ° C

• Temperature range: -20 to + 230 ° C

• Accuracy: ± 2 ° C

• thermal sensor Resolution: 80 x 60, pixels 4800

• Camera resolution: 2 Mn

• Lens angle: 33 ° x 25

• Display: 3.5-inch touchscreen

• Protection against dust and water: IP 54

• The amount of memory: Micro SD Card 4GB

• Power source: lithium-ion battery is 10.8 volts (special adapter may be used with four AA batteries)

• Dimensions: 95 x 120 x 240 mm

• Weight (battery) 594 grams

The new imager will join the lineup of compact instruments 10.8V / 12V Max.
In addition to the benefits claimed by the manufacturer should pay attention also to the ingress protection standard IP54. Add to this the opportunity to take photos and videos, and it can be concluded that the new product is unlikely to differ low price.

Electronic thermometer Bosch Thermo Detector

Manufacturer decided not limited to a thermal imager, providing even electronic thermometer GIS 1000 C Professional, which, judging by the performance, will compete with the model Flir TG165. Such thermometer would cost substantially cheaper imager.
The measurement results are displayed directly on top of the photo, that makes built-in camera. These photos via Bluetooth protocol can be sent to devices running on Android and iOS platforms. On the PC, the data can be downloaded via the USB-cable.

If you have enough possibilities of contactless measuring the temperature of the instrument has a connector for thermocouple with which the temperature can be measured at direct contact with the object.
Another bonus is the availability of sensors that determine the humidity and ambient temperature.

Bosch GTC 230 C

Bosch GTC 230 C

Details of the electronic thermometer GIS 1000 C Professional:

• Temperature range: -40 to +1000 ° C

• The error in measuring the temperature of objects: ± 1 ° C

• The error in measuring the ambient temperature: ± 0,2 ° C

• Display: 2.8-inch, color

• Designation of the portion at which the temperature is measured 2 laser points

• camera resolution of 640 x 480

• The maximum distance measure: 5 m

• Optimal measurement length: 1 m

• The ratio of the distance to the size of the portion at which measurement is made: 50: 1

• Storing images in memory: more than 200 pieces

• Power source: lithium-ion battery is 10.8 volts (special adapter may be used with four AA batteries)

• Dimensions: 117 x 87 x 217 mm

• Weight (battery) 547 grams

First impressions are
a bit surprising to see in the arsenal of Bosch electronic thermometers and thermal imagers. But it seems that the manufacturer has released a news not just for show. Both tools seem to be well thought out, and it seems that they could become a serious competitor model on the market at the moment.
Even more serious competition in sight, when a thermal imager will cost between $ 1000 and an electronic thermometer for $ 500. According to preliminary data at the beginning of the sales price will be 999 and 399 euros, so that the manufacturer does not disappoint with the prices. Sounded prices are relevant for sets, in which besides themselves instruments will include another battery and charger.
Included with both tools supplied micro USB cable, and a thermal imager is equipped with more and microSD card 4GB. Adapter for penlight batteries has to buy separately.

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