Cordless Circular Saw Comparison 2018

Full-size cordless circular saws are relatively recent. Previously, the biggest rechargeable hand saws are tools designed to work with a 160-millimeter saw blade. But with the increase in capacity and autonomy made possible the transition to 185-mm discs. Now the segment of full-sized hand-held cordless circular saw, there are three major players: Hilti, Makita, and Milwaukee.

Cordless circular saw Hilti WSC 7.25-A36 on the market for about three years. Recall that Hilti produces some of the best professional tools, and 36-volt platform will break into the full-size segment saw much earlier than competitors.

Makita introduced its handsaw under the 185-millimeter saw blades, as part of the 18V X2 line. We have already published a review XSH01Z, and noted that this model offers exceptional performance. Let’s see how this will prove to be drinking in comparison to competitors’ models.

In early October, Milwaukee introduced a full-size cordless circular saw M18 Fuel. This model is powered by a single battery M18 RedLithium, so it will be interesting to look whether it will be able to compete with 36V platforms and 2 x 18V.

Saber saw blade for testing Diablo Demo Demon 185 mm

  • Number of teeth: 24
  • Diameter: 185 mm
  • Width of cut: 1.5 mm
  • Maximum speed: 10,000 rev / min
  • Fitting hole: 16 mm
  • Price: $ 15

Have you noticed that many manufacturers have already begun to equip the plant with their saws instead of katabatic saw blade consumables under the brand Diablo? It is clear that this is no accident because Diablo produces truly outstanding saw blades. This is an example that the greatest success can only be achieved with a narrow specialization when all attention is focused only on one type of product and bringing it to perfection.

We analyzed the entire range of saw Diablo drives to find the perfect drive for our testing. Many say that could take any versatile disc on wood, but Diablo allows selection of the model not only for specific material but in view of its characteristics (thickness direction of cutting), as well as the characteristics of the instrument on which the saw blade will be installed.

Demo Demon – a universal saw blade, designed to frame works, dismantling, installation of siding, roofing, and other things. Usually, stopping the choice on a universal saw blade, you sacrifice speed, but in the case of Demo Demon is not. Drive ensures rapid sawing, allows the tool to use its power and operate at a maximum speed more effectively.

Diablo Demo Demon saw blade using three different innovations. First – this is the pyramidal shape of the teeth. Three adjacent tooth form a group, which is designed to substantially increase the cutting efficiency. For impact resistance and durability responsible technology Dura-Blend Ti-Co Carbide – Titanium-Cobalt soldering on each of the teeth. Lock-Tooth technology provides the highest strength at the transition from the blade to the tooth. After all, the most effective in the world of the saw blade will not be able to perform his functions, if at maximum speed teeth begin to fail.

Diablo Demo Demon allows you to work, not reflecting on the saw blade. During operation, you can only focus on the result. That this is a sign of non-consumables, and accessories – they just work.

In testing these saws have participated:

Hilti WSC 7.25-A36

  • Battery: One lithium-ion 36-volt, 3.9 Ah capacity
  • Weight (without a battery): 4.9 kg
  • No load speed: 4000 rev / min
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime, 2 years of free service
  • Price (without accessories): $ 359

Makita 18V X2 LXT XSH01Z

  • Battery: Two lithium ion 18-volt, 3 Ah capacity
  • Weight (without a battery): 4.6 kg
  • No load speed: 4800 rev / min
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Price (without accessories): $ 229

Milwaukee M18 Fuel 2731-20

  • Battery: one lithium ion 18 volt, capacity 5 Ah
  • Weight (without a battery) 4 kg
  • No load speed: 5000 rev / min
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Price (without accessories): $ 229


Methods of testing full-size cordless circular saw

Circular saws are most often used for cutting wood. And during our testing, we proceed from this thesis. The purpose of the test was to find out, will the full-size cordless saws compete with network models, and how long each model is able to work on battery power. So, we have two goals, respectively, and the test will also be two.

As a result of the first test, we will check power tools. Each drink will have to make a cut along three of four stacked sheets of OSB. The cuts will be made with maximum speed, the displacement speed should remain as to prevent jamming of the saw blade. After each cut will be tested the following model to blade time to cool between the stages. Why 4 OSB sheet? It is considered a standard stress test, moreover, such an approach is used for checking the maximum depth of cut for saws with 185 millimeter saw blades.

During the second test, we compare the autonomy of the different models, check how long they will be able to work on a single battery charge. To do this, we will make a series of cuts across the board to 50 * 250 mm. We suspect that each saw could easily cope with hundreds of cuts, so we alternate tools after every 5 passes. So we will try to minimize the effect of heating the tool and the battery on the battery life.

Each cut is made at achieving maximum speed, maximum speed is selected, which would not cause jamming of the saw blade. After the end of the cut, we wait until the blade stops completely, and then proceed to the next cut.

Obtained after the two test results will allow us to identify the most efficient models and the saw with the long battery life. Some argue that conclusions can be drawn, based on the technical data of the passport, but they often do not reflect the true state of affairs. And the raw numbers are unlikely to accurately assess the potential for full-size cordless circular saws.

The results of the test on power

Before you begin sawing four sheets of OSB, it was decided to make a couple of test cuts to determine the most effective grip and maximum forward speed for each of the blades. Already during the test passes, we were very surprised at the speed with which it was possible to make sawing, not least thanks to the magnificent saw blade Diablo Demo Demon.

As you can see, the best average cutting time showed a model of Makita, Hilti showed the best individual result, but Milwaukee has demonstrated the most consistent results.
Moreover, the stability of the results of Milwaukee was just incredible, the differences were minimal even during the test runs.

Frankly, I was hoping to start testing that at least one tool to cope with the task in less than 10 seconds. But the results showed that I greatly underestimated the power of the battery drinking paired with the best in the world saw blade.

Test results for the autonomy

A number of cuts on a single battery charge:

Hilti – 172
Makita – 118
Milwaukee – 133

Here nothing special comment. Hilti defeated their competitors, showing the advantage of 29% compared to Milwaukee and 46% in comparison with Makita. Curiously, the power of all three models does not sag before the last two cuts, then there was a significant drop in power, and on the implementation of the third cutting, forces was not enough. This behavior is demonstrated by all circular saws, despite the difference in the platforms.

It should be noted that the approach that we used during the test should not be used in the real world. It is better not to wait until the battery charge is completely exhausted, because this usage scenario may shorten its life. And the highest temperature observed during long-term continuous use of tools does not promise anything good for the battery.

Consider each cordless circular saw more

Hilti WSC 7.25-A36

circular saw Hilti confidently won in the test for the battery life, providing the cut 172 on a single battery charge. In addition, this model showed the highest cutting speed to cope with a saw cut in less than 8 seconds. It is a pity that the test results may not convey refinement. If we talk about the Hilti WSC 7.25-A36, then I saw this allows the disk to pass through the wood, like a hot knife through butter. Although the model has the lowest speed (4000 rev / min), high torque is more than compensates for this by providing a solid performance in the toughest environments.

During testing, it was obvious that the saw blade stops much slower Che Makita and Milwaukee. This, of course, is not as critical, but still worth mentioning. Saw blade change is made quite easy. The operation required Allen key, which is hidden in the bottom of the case.

The disadvantage of this model is that a lot of weight. We immediately see that this is a serious tool for complex tasks. A serious impact on the price: a set that came to us for testing costs about $ 720. But you get a lifetime warranty and two years of free maintenance. Without a doubt, Hilti WSC 7.25-A36 – champion rechargeable cordless circular saw.

It is worth to buy if you are looking for:

  • saw with maximum battery life
  • saw, provides the smooth operation
  • saw capable of delivering maximum cutting speed
  • saw the largest warranty period

Select another model if:

  • price scares you
  • you need an easy saw or model for one-handed operation

Cordless Circular Saw
Makita XSH01Z

Although Makita has not won the crown in the segment of full-sized cordless circular saw, model XSH01Z still was excellent. If you need to make a smooth cut along the intended line, Makita XSH01Z help copes with the problem best. In addition, the model showed a better average cutting speed, she is only coped with all three of the cuts in less than 8 seconds.

It is worth mentioning the outstanding ergonomics. Handle for two hands is very convenient. Batteries, which we have used, are charged in 30 minutes, and this is the best result among the contenders. But it is worth remembering that the battery in this cordless circular saw two, respectively, if you want to be “ready for battle” in half an hour, you get two chargers.

Many do not want to buy two batteries, it does not get a good autonomy. Recall that the saw showed the worst result in the test runtime. Improve the situation can install two battery capacity 4 Ah, but that was not ours.

Replacing the saw blade in the saw is made easier. Spindle locking mechanism is activated by pressing the thumb. The only thing that slightly interferes with the saw blade setup – a small gap between him and the guard.

It is worth to buy if you are looking for:

  • saw, which provides the solid progress on the markup
  • saw with a maximum average cutting speed
  • saw with the most comfortable grip for two hands
  • saw with a minimum battery charging time

Select another model if:

  • you do not want to charge two batteries
  • you need a saw that can provide the maximum number of cuts on one battery charge

Milwaukee 2731-20 M18 Fuel

Some of our readers are looking at the results of the speed test, decide that the Milwaukee 2731-20 M18 Fuel is not worthy of attention, and strongly mistaken. Regardless of the charging, the model gives the most stable results. Thanks to laser-engraved scales and efficient dust removal system, in the process, is very easy to navigate in size. I Saw Milwaukee was the only one that can be comfortably and securely hold with one hand. A simple but very useful thing turned out to be a folding hook. The lowest weight of the handset is easy when working in vertical and overhead position.

Although the circular saw shown the worst result in the test for speed, propyl OSB sheet stacks in less than 9 seconds is hardly disappointing indicator. To charge the battery 5 amper using a standard battery charger will take more than an hour. If you want to speed up the process, it is better to use a new quick charger Milwaukee.

It is worth to buy if you are looking for:

  • saw that ensures the most stable cutting speed
  • saw the scales, which are not covered with sawdust during operation
  • saw, which is convenient to hold in one hand
  • the lightest full-size rechargeable Cordless Circular Saw

Select another model if:

  • you need the fastest saw
  • you need a saw that can provide the maximum number of cuts on one battery charge


If you bought one of these saws can congratulate you. Each of the tested models – an excellent choice with many advantages and minor disadvantages. If you already have the tools and the batteries of some of these manufacturers, it is advisable to buy a saw of the same brand. It rarely happens that after testing, we cannot identify even one outsider. But could not be found among the tested circular saws such. We can in good conscience recommend any of the above models to buy. We are sure that you will not be disappointed. Leave a comment if you want to know more about the cordless circular saw.
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  2. After checking the cord, move on to the switch. Here, heat damage is fairly simple to detect – the wiring will be melted or discolored or the actual plastic of the switch body will be appear burnt or melted. If the power switch has shorted or failed, the electrical path will stop there and the tool will not engage.

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