Cordless Hammer Drill & Drill Bits - Buying Guide

If you are looking for a cordless hammer drill then it depends upon the purpose the drill will be used for. Cordless hammer drills are basically used for general DIY and light tasks. These cordless hammer drills are portable and therefore convenient and easy to use than other types of drills. As compared to the cordless hammer drills, corded drills are suitable for both strenuous tasks as well as general DIY. You must know that cordless hammer drill is one of essential elements which must be there in your toolbox if you are a worker who builds homes or furnishes the houses. In place of a physical hammer, cordless hammer drill works with the range of materials like stone, brick or wood. To keep pace with the fast working environment, use of cordless hammer drill is an important thing.

Cordless Hammer Drills

A cordless hammer drill does not need a cord to be connected in a switch board to supply electricity while working. Once it gets fully charged, it can work for you for hours depending upon the condition of the battery. Cordless hammer drills are being produced by a number of manufacturers these days and are known as best for homes as well as when you are out. In short, cordless hammer drills are portable and can be used almost everywhere as long as they are charged up. The only thing you will ever need while drilling is a hammer function in a drill. In this way it will become easy to drill through the materials of different textures such as stone, wood, mortar or brick.

Drill Accessories and their uses

As we all know that a drill either cordless or corded consists of different accessories which make its use easy and effective. Every part of the drill contributes in better functioning and cutting off any single accessory will affect the results. One of those accessories is “Bits”. Without a bit, any drill is useless. A cordless hammer drill depending upon its type of bit functions productively.

Masonry Drill Bits

These bits are used to drill through the tough products like blocks or bricks. When this bit is used, you can drill through hardest materials by applying a little force.

Wood Drill Bits

One of the common things that you can drill through is wood. Wood is of different types ranging from soft wood to the harder wood. These bits will be useful for every type of wood. These bits are used for drilling through studs, decking boards and other wooden materials.

Metal Drill Bits

Metal coming up in different types is known by all of us. It can be as light as aluminum and then way up to hardened steel and cast irons. These metals need tougher bits and a powerful drill to get through them. These metal drill bits prove to be the best for drilling through metals.

Buying Guide

Though we discussed most of the things related to a cordless hammer drill yet there are certain things which must be kept in mind while buying a cordless hammer drill. When it comes to buying the cordless hammer drill, you must check the functions that the drill can perform for you. It is good to be careful before rather than to regret after. Apart from the price, one must be aware of the facts and functions which must be checked before buying a cordless hammer drill.

The Actual Hammer Action

Now the first thing you should check for is its hammer action. The list of the features on the packet will be telling you either it can serve as a hammer drill or not. Only by getting this actual hammer action, it will allow you to get through masonry as well as concrete materials. It is mostly measured in bumps produced per second. The more it bumps the more it is better. Other ordinary drills have a spinning action which is measured in revolutions produced per minute. Most of the drills have variable speeds and these different speeds are used to drill through different types of materials.

 Hammer drills also have this function of spinning and revolving. When it is shuffled to the hammer mode, then it has a bumping action like a fast hammer as well as a rotary drill action. When both of these actions are combined,  you can drill through walls and masonry.

Battery Power for Hammer Action Drills

Once you checked for the hammer function, now it is time to check for the battery charge and its size. The one which is most popular is an 18 V battery. The other thing to check related to battery is either it is a lithium ion battery or a NiCad battery. Lithium – ion batteries are far better than NiCad batteries. Although Lithium ion batteries are more expensive but are much effective in use. Li-ion batteries get charged faster and certainly hold their charge for much long. Battery of the drill is responsible for your drilling. The bigger it is the better. You can go for the smallest like 14.4 V but not more than that. An 18 or 20 V is better than the small ones.

Chuck Size for a Cordless Hammer Drill

Most of the types of cordless hammer drills have a chuck size of 10mm. By 10 mm chuck size, it means that you can insert a drill bit having a diameter of around 10 mm. If it is used for masonry drilling purposes it is enough for the use and it is ideal for drilling out holes for wall plugs and other drilling associated to masonry. You can also get 12 mm chucks which allow you to hold larger diameter drill bits. The chuck size of 10 mm is usually good for almost drilling everywhere around the home and garden.

If you keep all these points in your mind while buying any cordless hammer drill then it will be a great help for you and will prove to be the best cordless hammer drill buying guide lines.