Dewalt Reciprocating Saw 20V Complete Buying Guide

DeWalt introduced the solution for professionals who need to use the saber saw blades in cramped conditions. Compact DeWalt reciprocating saw 20v Max is one of the lightest, professional and best reciprocating saw on the market, its weight is only 2.26 kg. In addition, the saw also the shortest among the 18- and 20-volt models, its total length 36 cm. Compact Reciprocating saws were previously considered suitable only for batch applications, in cases where the tool does not require a special power. In general, these models were considered serious. Let’s look at a compact saber saw DeWalt DCS387B and find out whether the new product failed to break down stereotypes.

Best Reciprocating Saw

Features compact DeWalt reciprocating saw 20v Max

  • Model: DCS387B
  • No load speed: 0-2900 oscillations per minute
  • canvas Stroke: 28 mm
  • Electric Brake: yes
  • Lock blade: keyless
  • Vibration control: no
  • Length: 362 mm
  • Height: 188 mm
  • Width: 88 mm
  • Weight: 2.26 kg
  • Price: $ 129 (without accessories)
  • Warranty: 3 years, 1-year free service, money back guarantee within 90 days.

Additional features: 

  • 4 position locking blade
  • Compact size and lightweight
  • Trigger lock
  • LED lights

Why DeWalt is the best reciprocating saw? – First impressions

Packaging seems incredibly small and light is hard to believe that the inside can be a reciprocating saw. She saw looks good. As in some other compact models, and the engine is shifted back to the working part is situated at an angle of approximately 45 degrees. The hand saw is really good. Holding the chainsaw with both hands, the load is hardly felt. I think due to the fact that the arms are closer to each other, the tool will be easier to control during operation. One hand is likely to be uncomfortable to work as tool weight is shifted forward.

Regarding the characteristics, no revelations cannot wait, the typical indicators. A standard keyless saw blade clamp, has a movable stop, speed adjustable trigger. The trigger is small, so it’s best to push it with one finger, move the trigger slightly tug ovate. A nice addition was the fuse that prevents accidentally pull the trigger and start the engine. The front is a small LED, providing illumination of the work surface. Very pleased that, thanks to the 4-way fixture, the web can be turned into a comfortable position. This solution greatly simplifies the work in the overhead position, and when necessary to cut very close to the wall.

Some features of the reciprocating saw is not enough, although notice is not all. No trigger lock, which turned out to be useful for prolonged use, allowing to unload the arms. A crash stop is not regulated, no provision of systems and mechanisms to deal with vibration. Suppose there are no high-tech solutions, but the rubber grips on the handles of the manufacturer to provide just had to.

Impressions of use

when installing the saw blade, the lock emits a distinct click. Lever for extracting web situated on top of the front handle. This approach is quite convenient since it does not matter at what point in the trajectory stopped painting, it can always be easily removed. Lock the rotation is simple and intuitive. You can set the blade teeth up, down, left or right. This eliminates the possibility of working in a mode of orbital motion, as if set in the lateral position of the web, orbital fluctuations will be sent across the web, which can cause damage or injury. Perhaps the manufacturer to work something out with the release of the following models.

When you run the saber saw, immediately pay attention to vibration. It is clear that saber saws always vibrate, but in this model, this figure is excessive. I compared the vibration of the saw DeWalt 20V Max and Milwaukee M18 Fuel Sawzall, and it became clear that the instruments play completely different leagues. I tried to saw a board section 50 * 250 mm and realized that a lot of the saw cuts I do I can not. The only possibility to reduce vibration was stronger press abutment to the material, in this case, the process was slightly more pleasant. It is worth noting that in the real world, such a possibility is not always the case.

Cutting speed DCS387B was quite high. Although coping with the tool during the cutting of a massive timber difficult to cope with the task failed more quickly than I expected. Due to the speed of 2900 vibrations per minute, as well as relatively high power managed to achieve good results. I deliberately tried to jam the saw blade in the cut of a large timber, and I did it. However, efforts had to make a lot more than during normal operation.

Due to the heavy vibration, a one-hand operation was almost impossible. At least, I was not able to succeed when sawing hardwood. If the tree was a softer, maybe I could have done with an instrument with one hand. In any case, if you are looking for the saw, which could be operated with one hand, better look for a smaller model, such as Milwaukee M12 Hackzall.

I wish that in the new versions of the DeWalt best reciprocating saw (Dewalt Reciprocating Saw 20V) corrected its main drawback, and used any means to combat vibration. This is the case when one disadvantage negates all the advantages of the tool.

Of course, you can complain about the fact that some of the useful features in this saw, for example, orbital blade movement, lock the trigger, adjustable stop. But this is done in order to obtain at the output a more pleasant price tag. But, even though the price, I would not buy this model. The reason – is the same vibration, and even the fact that the saw used in a conventional motor with brushes, which is powered by a single battery, so you can forget about a good autonomy.

If the compact is not essential for you, it is better to pay attention to other models in the same price range that are struggling with the vibration effectively. DCS387B I would advise only those who have to occasionally work in close quarters, where a full-size reciprocating saw to perform the work will not allow. As I would have chosen something else as the primary tool.

So, now you know why Dewalt Reciprocating Saw 20V is the best reciprocating saw.



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