SpeedStripper 400 – Infrared Heater Deinking Review

This is not an ordinary peeler and comes with some outstanding features. This is an alternative to the usual construction fen am that are most often used to remove paint. If you need to put in a normal kind old house, not enough to simply apply a coat of fresh paint on top of the previous one.

Ideally, the paint must be removed, then the new layer will cause cleaner and better. If the area is small, it is possible to do a hairdryer. But, when cleaned of old paint, you need walls of several houses, could not help think about alternatives.

It is in such a situation where we had to clean the paint from facades and walls of two houses. We could only work a few hours a day, so when using a hairdryer, all we would have taken several months. In some cases, one would enlist the help of the Bulgarian with the corresponding abrasive nozzle, but remove the paint was lead-based, so this method is not suitable, since the fine particles of lead paint, suspended in the air, it is extremely dangerous to health.

Then we conducted a market research and found an infrared heater to remove paint. We decided to check whether the new product will be able to speed up the process compared to a standard building hairdryer.

Special Features

  • Item Weight – 3.2 pounds
  • Product Dimensions – 13.4 x 6.3 x 12.6 inches
  • Capacity – 400W
  • Model – SS400
  • Portable
  • Fast Heating

What is it

SpeedStripper 400 – this is an infrared heater, which makes it relatively safe tool. The source of heat in such heaters are infrared waves outside the human visible spectrum and capable of heating the objects to which they are directed. By the same principle the Sun heats the Earth. But in this case, the user need not worry about the UV and radiation.

Infrared heating method is more effective convection, which is used in conventional building hair dryers. Hair dryer heats the air around the heating element and blows it. Heated air transfers energy to the object with which it comes into contact. The efficiency of such heating is low, since the heated air is mixed with cold and rapidly cooled, most of the energy is lost. The infrared heaters loss is significantly reduced.

To understand how the heater SpeedStripper 400, remember heaters such as UFO. Such heaters are often used in areas where high risk of fire, since they are relatively safe in this regard.

Characteristics and quality of assembly

tools explicitly designed not to participate in a competition for the best design. It is interesting that the main body does not even have the name «SpeedStripper». Housing dimensions 26 * 8 cm is made of plastic. The heating zone is significantly greater than that of building dryers. This is encouraging and can count on a significant performance boost.

The handle is covered with a foamed material, without conducting heat. Cable length is about 3 meters, which is not enough in order to be able to do without extensions. But it is difficult to attribute the shortcomings, because fen things the same way.


of the heater body consists of two parts, exterior and interior, between which there is a gap. This is to ensure that the internal reflector can be cooled efficiently without greatly heating the outer shell. This is especially true in view of the fact that the outer shell is made of plastic, which is under strong heat may melt. The reflector is attached to the housing 4 by means of rivets.

The heater is a ceramic heater. He quite simply removed from the case, but the feeling that the element may fall out spontaneously, does not arise.

The handle is made of plastic and covered with foamed rubber, about the same, which is used for the manufacture of children’s bicycles Grips. If the manufacturer has not come up with anything new, the material will degrade when exposed to sunlight, and this must be taken into account during operation.


SpeedStripper 400 is heated for about 5 minutes. If you work outside, the paint will need to warm up 20-40 seconds, and only then try to scrape it. At the time of heating the ink can povilyat air temperature and wind force.

Heater really warms up much more land than with a hairdryer. The most efficient operation scenario proved slow movement along the surface of the heater. The rate is selected such that each portion was heated for 30 seconds. Following the heater you need to move slowly with the scraper and scrape the heated paint. The easiest way to carry out these operations together, but maybe alone.

In this case, the speed of advance could be low also because of the characteristics of the treated surface. The facade consists of narrow strips that are overlapped each other. Therefore, move the heater could only be in a horizontal position, which is not very convenient. If the walls were straight, one could use a scraper to remove and paint over the entire width of the heated zone.

A pleasant surprise was the fact that SpeedStripper warmed paint better than doing hair dryers, so it was easier to remove. And the result was better quality.


infrared heater SpeedStripper can be purchased online for £ 60 plus shipping. Therefore, the feasibility of buying everyone should think about himself.

Personally, I did not have the novelty off switch. The heater starts to work as soon as connected to the network, which is not always convenient. It is clear that leaves a couple of minutes to heat up to high temperatures, but the risk still remains. Yes and uncomfortable to run into an outlet every time you need a break.

In general, the tool left a good impression. He is really able to significantly improve productivity and efficiency. But for a miracle should not count, paint removal – not a pleasant process. Work is progressing slowly, requires monotonic methodical action, hands still tired. It is clear that with the help of 400 SpeedStripper you do not cope with the problem instantly, but a tool to reduce the term of your “torment.”

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