Oregon PS250 Battery Sucker – Best Rod Saw 2017


Oregon company is not familiar with a wide range of consumers, as their products are rarely advertised, and the representation is not everywhere. However, the manufacturer is considered as one of the leading chainsaws.

Today we had the opportunity to test a rather unusual Oregon production tool – rod saw PS250.
The novelty comes in a simple cardboard box long, it does not differ design refinements, all very succinctly. Packaging may cause some bias, but when you look into it quickly evaporates. All items are packed very well saw, to get started will require a minimum of assembly operations.


  • Weight – 3.5 lbs with battery
  • Extend up to 10’2″ (3.1m)
  • Chain speed: 2817 fpm
  • 40V MAX Lithium-Ion
  • Micro-lite 3/8″ Narrow Kerf 90PX chain with 0.43″ (1.1mm) gauge
  • 8″ (20 cm) bar

The rod saw is an impressive quality of materials and assembly, matte finish, and concise design. Lithium-ion battery the size of a brick, it will scare some, but on the contrary, I was pleased. I am happy to sacrifice the compactness in favor of autonomy. Nice to know that the work will not have to stop halfway when the battery suddenly will sit. The battery of a rock saw from Oregon PS250 is compatible with all 40-volt tools manufacturer, including the trimmer, chain saw, brush cutter, and actually saw The Rock. Always nice when the batteries several tools can replace each other at the right time.
To Rod saw it comes bundled with a battery capacity 4 Ah, that at the moment is the highest figure in the line Power Now On the tool can be set to the 40-volt battery capacity of 1.4 Ah and 1.25, but battery life will be significantly reduced in this case.

Interesting was also the choice of materials, especially surprised that the rod is made of fiberglass. This material provides strength at minimum weight. Besides the physical properties of fiberglass, and contributes to increasing the strength of oval cross-section rod. Inside the metal rod passes drive shaft, also filled with grease inside. Rod accurately and securely joined to the two assembly units.

Assembled The rock saw perfectly balanced. The tool is equipped with a shoulder strap, through which controlled it even easier and more convenient.

Weighing in at 6.1 kg (with battery installed), Oregon PS250 lighter than most gasoline rod blades. As with any such tool, saw a considerable length of Oregon is different, so the user will still need some physical training and care during use.

Special Features

  • Instant Start and cordless
  • Branch Hook
  • Adjustable Collar
  • Low-vibration
  • Mid-Mount Motor
  • Light weighted

Operation Oregon PS250

Use of a rock saw Oregon PS250 is very simple. First, you need to fill the tank for automatic chain lubrication (oil is supplied) and can get to work. The instrument has a safety lock that prevents accidentally pulling the trigger. Starting the engine is done with one hand, it is not necessary to pull the starter cord, and on the preparation of fuel, mixtures can not worry. A very handy tool that just works without any prior manipulation, especially given the fact appreciated by those who are not too often have to prune the trees.

As a test, it was decided to cut a couple of oak branches with a crown width of about 15 meters. The lower branches of the oak are located at a height of more than three meters, we are quite satisfied, given the length of the rod and the operator growth.

I decided on the site of the first cut and pulled the trigger. I saw the beginning to bite into the tree with ease. I have this ease even a little surprised, I thought I would have to make considerably more force. But no pressure is required, the saw moved through the branch under its own weight. The tool proved to be a true, high-grade chainsaw, which allows getting to where you do not get with a conventional model.

With this saw cut away threads diameter from 25 to 120 mm. In all cases, the tool proved to be great. He worked, not knowing weariness, cannot be said of me, several times had to take breaks to rest.

All branches were located quite high, so the bar all the time has been expanded to its full length. Adjusting the length of the rod is made very simple, you just need to turn the collar and adjust the radius rod.

First impression

The rock saw Oregon PS250 I really liked. Although the tool of the manufacturer is not so well represented in our market, and the price of products Oregon is not very low, the model certainly deserves attention. Users who value performance and quality, will not spare an investment in sucker rod saw Oregon PS250. Like the design of the instrument and the pros, I think, I saw this battery can replace or supplement the petrol models.

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