Overview of Best Reciprocating Saw 2018

We decided to compare a number of powerful network saber saws from different manufacturers and find out what kind of model would be the best choice when buying. We have selected following leading tool manufacturers Bosch, DeWalt, Hitachi, Makita, Milwaukee, and Ryobi. Each tool has a series of three tests that help find out what a best reciprocating saw is the most advanced, fastest and most convenient.


History of saber saws

Inherently instruments of destruction, dismantling, and demolition. The first reciprocating saw was made by Milwaukee Tool in 1951, the instrument was called “Sawzall”. The novelty could saw different materials, including wood, PVC, and metal. At its core, reciprocating saw – very simple tool. The engine provides a reciprocating movement of the rod on which are mounted exchangeable saw blades. At the moment, there are blades for wood, wood with nails, metal and universal saw blades.

best reciprocating saw

As time went on, progress is not standing still, and saber saws acquire new features and technologies. One of the most significant innovations is the ability to adjust the speed, allowing users to achieve better results by adjusting this setting, depending on the material characteristics. Another significant innovation was the transition from a straight line to the orbital motion. Due to the orbital motion, the web is raised in the reverse position and is lowered when it is necessary to transfer the maximum lateral force to the web. If you look at the side of the saw blade, it is clear that it moves in an elliptical orbit. Best of all, this feature manifests itself when cutting the tree, and in the treatment of some other materials can cause more vibration.

Over the past few years, manufacturers have spent a lot of effort to improve the ergonomics of reciprocating saws. These tools are characterized by high power and no small amplitude oscillations, so the user’s hand may suffer from vibration. Most manufacturers in their updates using various anti-vibration technology: from the sticks, covered with vibration dampening materials to system balancing moving parts.

Selection of saw blades

One of the most enjoyable features of reciprocating saws is that almost all models use the same fixture for saw blades, so the choice of consumables you are not tied to the manufacturer. But it is fraught with some difficulties for the uninitiated user, which is difficult to decide on the choice of fabric, given their great diversity. For the tests, we chose discussed previously saw blades Milwaukee Ax Sawzall lines and Double Duty Torch.

best reciprocating saw

For wood or pieces of wood with a nail driven best-suited saw blades Milwaukee Ax. At dan nog webs frequency teeth 5 per inch, have a length of model 150 and 300 mm. Fabrics with less sawtooth frequency allow homogeneous materials, such as wood, but this is a more rough cut. The length of the webs should be chosen on the basis of the sizes of parts sew.

best reciprocating saw

For cutting metal the best choice would be the saw blade Milwaukee Double Duty Torch. When processing the metal is better to stop the choice on canvas with a high frequency of teeth. These saw blades come with several versions (10, 14, 18 and 24 teeth per inch). During testing, we used a fabric with 18 teeth per inch. Despite the decrease in cutting speed with an increase in the number of teeth, such a fabric provides better control and a better cutting edge.


If you need to cut it, such as PVC, the choice can be stopped again on the paintings to metal, but pay attention to the version with 10 or 14 teeth per inch. During testing, we used the saw blades Milwaukee Double Duty Torch with a frequency of 14 pieces of teeth per inch.

best reciprocating saw

What is the Best Reciprocating Saw?

Testing Methods

Best reciprocating saw passed a series of tests that were supposed to simulate the conditions in which the tool works with the intended use. Influence of external conditions are minimized, the lateral force applied was equalized with 5-pound load was hung from the front of a best reciprocating saw. I just held the tool in the desired position and picks it up at the end of a cut. Each of the tests carried out three times. If a test fails held, its results are not taken into account when summing up.

best reciprocating saw

The first test began sawing wood with a hammer a nail. We used the board 50 * 300 mm, the ends of which were driven by 5 galvanized nails. Each drink was to provide propyl across the width of the board, to cope with the nails. The second test – cutting PVC pipes. Stand for testing consisted of four PVC pipes installed above each one. Pipe diameter – 1 inch. The third test – cutting galvanized steel pipes. The stand consists of a series of metal tubes of different diameters.

best reciprocating saw

To evaluate the ergonomics and the level of vibration, I made a few faster cuts each of the materials without the suspended load, using the traditional two-handed grip.

Test results

Wood with nails hammered

Wood with nails hammeredTest 1 (seconds)Test 2 (seconds)Test 3 (sec)

When sawing wood with a hammer a nail, we have attempted to determine the saber saw, which will cope with the task faster than other tools. With the result in 7.7 seconds, top-ranked model Milwaukee. Makita behind the leader by only 0.35 seconds. Saw Bosch became the third and last of those who have coped with the task in less than 10 seconds. For Bosch followed by Hitachi, Ryobi, and DeWalt, respectively.

PVC pipes

PVC pipeTest 1 (seconds)Test 2 (seconds)Test 3 (sec)
Bosch7.917.807.81DeWalt9.858.969.52Hitachi8.739.698.38Makita7.327.288.04Milwaukee 6.907.336.97Ryobi10.049.078.70

When selecting the right blade, sawing PVC pipes will have no difficulty, and time this procedure takes at least. And almost all saber saws coped with the task very quickly. Milwaukee twice during the test showed a result of fewer than 7 seconds. Makita has lagged quite a bit and putting it in 7.28 seconds. Bosch was still a little bit slower, but it is suspected that a little less speed was the result of the presence of soft-start function. By the way, thanks to this feature, Bosch saw sawing stuff really smoothly. Saw Hitachi showed the 4th result, it was followed by Ryobi and DeWalt. Please note that the contestants have settled down in the same manner as after the previous test.

Metal tubes


metal pipesTest 1 (seconds)Test 2 (seconds)Test 3 (sec)

When it comes to metal cutting, do not count on too high a speed. In addition, during such work is not the last role played by the vibration. During this test, Milwaukee Super Sawzall has left rivals no chance with a score of 14.17 in seconds. Makita model from behind the leader by 2.2 seconds. Bosch took third place and became the border between the model saws with high and low vibration. As you can see, in all three tests, the leaders in performance and speed were the same.

During the last test to climb from the last place finally managed DeWalt, she coped with the task of 18.64 seconds (second attempt), Hitachi and Ryobi showed very similar results. Looking at the table with the results, we can note how very different leading indicators in all tests triples saber saws from outsiders indicators. Also worth noting is that a model with anti-vibration functions during testing shows much more consistent results while drinking without such protection, there was a significant variation.

When cutting without the suspended load, which was to compare the levels of vibration and ergonomic purpose, smooth operation is not achieved by DeWalt best reciprocating saw, and here she was in the last place. Hitachi in this area also proved to be a bad thing. To our surprise, the Ryobi, despite not being the most outstanding speed, during sawing without extra load showed a good result, provided the stability of the process. This is further evidence of the importance of the use of anti-vibration systems in best reciprocating saw.

Saber saws

Place: 1 of 5 

Reciprocating Saw kit with a vibration control function Bosch RS428 1-1 / 8 “

  • Power: 1600 W
  • canvas Stroke: 28 mm
  • Speed: 0- 2900 oscillations per minute
  • Weight: 3.63 kg
  • Reduced vibration: vibration control Vibration Control System
  • Fixing hammer: there
  • Orbital Motion: yes
  • Retail price: $ 159

best reciprocating saw

Vibration control system, coupled with unregulated orbit motion paintings indicate that the tool is designed primarily for cutting wood and disassembly of wooden structures. Of course, the metal processing, the ability to disable these functions would have been superfluous. The position of the stop is adjusted quite easily, it does not need any additional tools. A true button is responsible for fixing the stop is not very good: it is at the bottom in the front, right where you are usually enough hand during operation. To me, this is not happening, but it is quite likely scenario is the accidental pressing of the buttons.

Function vibration control is quite effective. Very pleased with the relative compactness of the best reciprocating saw. The hammer is designed for pressing with two fingers. But the tool handle is quite large, and the trigger is pressed easily, so it can be pressed and one finger.
Liked and engineering solutions to significantly reduce the number of the score in the slot chips, these slots simply do not have in front of a reciprocating saw, the rod is not recessed. Lock the blade was the most convenient of all tested, it contributed to its particular shape and texture.

It is worth noting that the saw Bosch comes not in the hard case and bag. I liked the decision, as the bag is more versatile, it easily can fit extra accessories or auxiliary tools. In the case of this briefcase will not work, because it provides for all its place, nothing unnecessary to cram into it.

In all three tests I saw Bosch took third place, perhaps the result influenced soft-start function. I think many users would agree to lose a bit of speed in exchange for a very useful feature soft-start. Do not forget that this model is $ 45 cheaper than the blade Milwaukee and Makita, which provides very good value “price-quality.”

Advantages: the stem is not hidden in a recess, compact design, the hammer, the vibration control system, tool bag included

Disadvantages: the location of the stop lock button, not disconnected orbital motion of the

Place: 2 of 5 

Feature: the most simple change saw blades

DeWalt DW311

  • Power: 1560 W
  • canvas Stroke: 28 mm
  • Speed: 0- 2700 oscillations per minute
  • Weight: 4.1 kg
  • Vibration Reduction: no
  • Fixing hammer: no
  • Orbital Motion: yes
  • Retail price: $ 159

best reciprocating saw

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DeWalt best reciprocating saw was the only one who has not provided funds for the fight against vibration, and it is noticeable (vibration when using this model was felt most strongly). Although changing the saw blades do not need additional tools, this task proved to be rather problematic. This is the only drink to replace the fabric where you want to either manually remove the stem from the body at sufficient length or podge at when the rod stops in the desired position. The trigger is designed to press with one finger, and, as for me, pressed. When using the machine for a long time, the finger gets tired and starts to hurt.

With the adjustment of the stop position is OK, speed is adjustable, it is possible to choose between the orbital and linear motion of the web. As is the case with Bosch, DeWalt best reciprocating saw kit is relatively compact. Also liked the case, it is compact, at the same time the instrument with the cable it fits without any problems.

The absence of systems that eliminate vibration, impact on the results of testing. The model was slow, and it’s at a price close to Bosch. If you use a reciprocating saw only occasionally or are a fan of DeWalt products, you can consider this model as a purchase. But if the best reciprocating saw is used intensively, it is better to pay attention to other models.

Advantages: easy adjustment of the position of the stop, a compact design, the ability to switch between the orbital and linear motion, the design of the case, adjustable speed

Disadvantages: high vibration levels, problematic replacement saw blades, tight trigger

Place: 3 of 5 

Features: Best case

Hitachi CR13VBY

best reciprocating saw

  • Power: 1440 W
  • canvas Stroke: 28 mm
  • Speed: 0 to 3,000 oscillations per minute
  • Weight: 4.4 kg
  • Vibration Reduction: System User Vibration Protection
  • Fixing hammer: no
  • The orbital movement: the movement of a particular path, thereby reducing vibrations as compared with conventional orbital path
  • Retail price: $ 144

Best Reciprocating Saw kit Hitachi was one of the heaviest models who participated in the testing. Saw blades can change without tools, but it’s not easy. The ergonomics of the tool is strange. It is difficult to point out certain shortcomings, but the overall saw is in the hands not as we would like. It seems that the manufacturer decided to use when creating a greater body of plastic than was necessary, besides the plastic rather low quality. The case is also not very good, the cable when it is closed often pinched, which can cause damage over time.

Hitachi provides the ability to adjust the speed as well as switch between straight and orbital motion. Engine 1440 W comes with its tasks. This is the only model that has access to the brushes, which will serve the instrument yourself.

Vibration reduction system used in the saw Hitachi, was not very effective, and vibration impact on test results. If the vibration is effectively quenched, and the tool itself felt in the hands of the respectable, the model could be easily ranked as average.

Advantages: modes of orbital motion and a straight blade, adjustable speed

 fabric loose, heavy, cheap plastic feel and on the whole, a bad case

Place: 4 of 5

Makita JR3070CT AVT

best reciprocating saw

  • Power: 1920 W
  • canvas Stroke: 28 mm
  • Speed: 0- 2800 oscillations per minute
  • Weight: 4.5 kg
  • Vibration Reduction: system Anti-Vibration Technology
  • Fixing hammer: there
  • Orbital motion: there are (4-position)
  • Retail price: $ 199

Reciprocating Saw Makita AVT – an uncompromising solution for the most complex tasks. The only drawback could be called a process of replacing the saw blade, and then only with great reserve. To grasp the fingers of the retainer rod saws need to push forward. This manipulation needs to be done only when removing the fabric, and to install a new no unnecessary movements is not required.

The Makita saw has several modes of orbital motion, that allows you to adjust the aggressiveness of cutting for specific tasks. Anti-Vibration Technology system works just fine, so the model more comfortable to use than most other. Adjusting the stop position is made easy, that focus has become the place testify distinct click. The hammer is designed for pressing with two fingers, the stiffness of the stroke is regulated. The handle is quite large, so if you wish, you can press the speed trigger, and with one finger. Also enjoyed the presence of several high-speed modes. When working with wood, AVT best reciprocating saw blade passed through the material like a knife through butter.

Saw Makita took second place on the results of testing, but it is not worth paying attention to. This is the top model, and it is fully consistent with that status. Excellent performance and a host of cool features inclined to buy this saber saw many professionals.


  • multiple modes of orbital motion,
  • adjustable speed
  • easy adjustment of the stop position
  • comfortable trigger
  • the tool looks solid
  • good ergonomics
  • excellent vibration reduction system

Disadvantages: rod need to put forward to extract the saw blade

Location: 5 of 5

We already wrote about the line 56 of free cordless saws EGO, who left behind a positive impression. Of course, the battery tool capable of replacing gasoline is not always, but more and more professional and more or less serious amateurs begin to take a closer look at this segment of the market. Technology does not stand still, and rechargeable chainsaw EGO 56V vivid example. When it comes to chainsaws, the pros are still more likely to take the petrol tool which and the tire is longer and higher power and wider scope of use. But for home use rechargeable he saw fit better because it does not require careful maintenance and service, do not need to mess with the fuel. In addition, the chainsaw EGO has enough power to deal with any challenges that may face the ordinary user.

best reciprocating saw

Build quality and features

For the first time looking at EGO, come to the conclusion that this model is not like any chainsaw, which had seen before. It seems that the development engineers Chevron tool (parent company EGO) decided to completely move away from the existing segment traditions and stereotypes. For example, by shifting the battery handle you can balance the saw. Another thing is that battery can load from the side. An interesting solution is shown corrugated plastic surface in the front portion, where the metal thrust teeth arranged in conventional saws. Such a decision will not allow the same to effectively use the lever during cutting, however, during testing the absence of hard teeth is not particularly hurt. In any case, the absence of teeth – the lack of the saw.

best reciprocating saw

Like other 56-volt tools, EGO blade body is made of gray plastic with black and green components. Handle saws has a curved shape so that it can be kept, and the top and side. This allows you to handle with equal ease to perform vertical and horizontal cuts. On the left is a reservoir for oil capacity of 150 ml. It is a pity that the cover is not attached to the body. So, when filling oil to the chain need to make sure that it does not get lost. Under the hood is an observation window that allows you to determine the level of oil in the tank.

Chainsaw EGO 56V comes with a chain brake. This feature protects against impact and makes working with Security Toolbar. Although the manufacturer has decided to play it safe and recommends to remove the battery for any manipulation with the chain.

Through the use of the complete 56-volt battery capacity of 2 Ah and the brushless motor, the saw EGO boasts impressive power and autonomy. Recall that brushless motors – the last word in the industry, they are more efficient and do not require maintenance.

best reciprocating saw

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The tool is equipped with a 350-millimeter bus Oregon, as well as a chain with a low efficiency. The chain is very easy to install, it needs only to remove the side cover. Chain tension regulated by a special wheel located closer to the front right portion of the housing.

Characteristics of 56-volt battery saws EGO

·         Model with Accessories: CS1401

·         Model without accessories: CS1400

·         Battery: 56 Volt 2 Ah (BA1120)

·         Charging time: 40 minutes

·         brushless motor

·         35mm tire Oregon (144MLEA041), chain (90PX052X)

·         Chain Pitch: 9.5 mm

·         Speed: 6300 revs/min

·         Automatic oil supply, a tank with a viewing window

·         Chain tension is adjustable without tools

·         Brake chain guard to protect your hands, trigger a rapid return

·         Components: chainsaw tire Oregon, chain in a plastic container, a 56-volt battery capacity of 2 Ah, standard charger

·         Weight (with battery): 5 kg

·         Warranty: 5 years



Despite the lack of hard teeth, in the transition from traditional chainsaw to EGO 56V, there are no difficulties. The user will appreciate a number of advantages. Now you do not need to pull the starter cord is required only to clamp the safety button and run the saw with the help of the trigger.

Like most chainsaws, EGO has a 56V battery with a narrow profile chain. This reduces energy consumption since the teeth of the chain have to overcome less resistance. Surprisingly, chainsaw EGO runs very quietly. The main noise component – the sound chain rotating around the tire as well as the sound of cutting material. The tool is not completely silent, but compared with a chainsaw is a huge step forward. Now you do not have to wear ear protection or use earplugs, which require safety conditions when working with chainsaws.

When testing chainsaws, we used the battery capacity 4 Ah. Such a decision we have taken only because a battery was in our presence, and we wanted to show the maximum potential of the model. As a test material, we used the oak and pine. During testing, a considerable number of cuts has made. We even cut down a nut 350 mm in diameter, which was in the wrong place. During cutting no problems, easy to drink and quickly passed through the timber.

best reciprocating saw

For comparison, we took a 40-volt Greenworks chainsaw. And have to say that with the same objectives EGO cope a little faster, even despite the fact that the Greenworks bus a little longer. Both saws have proved to be good, but it is clear that the EGO differs slightly more power and speed. Relative autonomy: the beam diameter of 350 ml per charge, we saw 18 times. And the battery completely drained. On the remaining charge, we were able to produce 6 more cuts. Rechargeable chainsaw EGO work proved to be about as gasoline models. Excellent himself showed sawdust removal system, it effectively comes even in the most difficult situations.

Saw get really powerful and productive, I think it will not disappoint even the pros.


Hope you got a good idea about best reciprocating saw. Power, ease of use and convenience make the chainsaw EGO really interesting product. The only drawback of the model is the lack of hard teeth. If you already have in the arsenal of tools EGO batteries and chargers, then the purchase of a saw without accessories will cost you $ 199, that for such a tool to nothing. I saw with battery and charger costs $ 299.

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