Rechargeable Hand Milwaukee M12 Circular Saw

People keep asking Milwaukee to expand its range of Milwaukee M12 circular saw fuel, offering for this variety of tools. But most of all requests were made in favor of a hand circular saw.

Milwaukee finally listened to its customers and has officially unveiled a new compact battery saw M12 Fuel for saw blades with a diameter of 135 mm.

 Milwaukee M12 Hand Circular Saw

Features and Functionality

Milwaukee Hand Circular Saw does not skimp on the loud statements about trends. Saw refers to the line of Fuel, therefore, it is based on a brushless motor that automatically means better performance and autonomy. Milwaukee says that the new product is able to compete with the 18-volt models available on the market.

The depth of cut using a Hand Circular Saw Milwaukee M12 Fuel is 40 mm, which is very impressive. According to the manufacturer, the new product can provide 170 cuts the board 50 * 100 mm on a single battery charge. Most likely, here we are talking about using the battery XC 4.0Ah, Capacity 4 Ah.

The sole blade is made of aluminum as a protective blade cover. The tool has a battery level indicator.

The press release reads as follows:

The new circular saw was developed with a focus on high power and large marginal thickness of the material being cut.The tool can cope with the commonly used lumber, from sheet material, and end square bars.
Hand Circular Saw

It used to be that 12-volts saw, by definition, cannot be powerful enough for normal work, so many producers refused to release them, anticipating a barrage of criticism from disgruntled users. Makita and Bosch released compact 12-volt saw with a diameter of 85 mm blade.  But they have designed for finishing work, and can not cope with boards and beams used in construction.

Milwaukee also states that their new battery Saw delivers the performance and autonomy comparable to that of much larger and heavier tools.

About the same sitting, we heard relative to other toolbars Milwaukee M12 fuel, such as punch and band saw. In those cases, they prove to be true, and the 12-volt tools able to cope with most of the tasks for which previously had to resort to using 18-volt models.

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m12 circular saw


  • Saw blade size: 135 mm (the fitting hole 10 mm)
  • Speed: 3600 rev / min
  • Weight: 2.4 kg (with battery XC)
  • cutting depth: 40 mm
  • The slope of the blade: 50 degrees


The new Hand Circular Saw M12 Fuel comes as a set with 1 battery (2530-21XC), with or without accessories (2530-20).

Price: $ 229 (per set), $ 149 (for instrument without accessories)

First impressions

Milwaukee direction of movement was predictable in principle. In general, the manufacturer very happy lately. M18 Fuel has a full-size circular saw blades and band saw. Many say that these new power comparable to the networking tools.

Tools Milwaukee  M12 Hand Circular Saw line is positioned as a lightweight and compact, they are designed for simpler tasks. M12 Fuel line also takes an intermediate position. Instruments of this line in most cases can be successfully replaced by 18-volt models, especially if the basis is not the latest brush-less motor.

Although the maximum thickness saw using a 12-volt circular saw with a 135-mm saw blade material does not reach that of the 18-volt model (disc diameter 160 mm), this is sufficient in most cases.

Milwaukee says that the new product can provide 170 board cuts 50 * 100 mm on a single charge, and is a very good result.

On the market, a good choice of 135-millimeter saw wingdings, but it is significantly poorer compared to the 160-millimeter, not to mention the 180-millimeter.

Prices for new items are relatively high – $ 149 for the product without accessories and $ 229 for a set with a single battery. But it is quite reasonable because of the high quality and availability of the brushless motor.

I think that this one is popular, and there are plenty of reasons. Possibility to saw lumber, which is often used in construction, while winning in size and weight, unless someone will be able to resist such a tempting prospect.

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