Ryobi Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Complete Review

Hello everybody, I know there are many vacuum cleaners available in the market and there are different brands. But you may be struggling to find a perfect tool for all your needs. That’s why I thought to review Ryobi cordless vacuum cleaners as Ryobi provides high-quality vacuum cleaners.

Recently We observed, a specialized site often mentions the compact rechargeable vacuum cleaners Bosch VAC120 Dust Extractor and Milwaukee M12. Personally, I would prefer the tool sanders from Bosch, since I have a battery and charger for the manufacturer.

Different Types of Ryobi Vacuum Cleaners

  • Hand vacuum – These vacuums are smaller in size and portable. Actually, they are made to use easily. You can easily clean any place using this one. Most people used to keep one of these products in their vehicle as it is very easy to use them.
  • Wet/dry vacuum – As its name says, wet vacuums can be used to suck up water or any liquid. Dry vacuums can be used for dry applications, such as collecting dust and dirt. Anyway, there are Ryobi products, which will have both functions. So, wet and dry vac will save your time and money.
  • Vacuum stick – Stick vacuums come with a long stick which can be used to clean hard to access areas. Size of these products is very small and easy to use.

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Ryobi 18V ONE + 3-Gallon – Best WET/DRY VACUUM

Many people forget that there is a great alternative to innovations that have not yet made it store shelves. One of these alternatives – cordless vacuum cleaner Ryobi 18V ONE + manufactured by trademark of Ryobi limited. By the way, I have a charger and rechargeable batteries,  this product, and a vacuum cleaner for $ 25, I just could not resist and buy it.

Handheld vacuum cleaner Ryobi 18V ONE + is designed in classic style.

Novelty is equipped with a two-stage filter. The first stage is a metal mesh that filters out and discards the large particles in a container. The dust collector is a container of a yellow plastic, placed in front of the housing and passing into the vacuum cleaner nozzle. The second stage of the filter – a pleated paper. This filter is replaceable and it is an advantage.

Special Parts to Consider

  • Battery life – Ryobi P100
  • Debris capacity
  • Dust cup
  • Extension Wands
  • Filter System – Ryobi A32VC04, HEPA filter

Vacuum is supplied from a slit nozzle, wherein the storage space provided in the lower housing part. Slit nozzle has a movable brush.

How to work

The use of a compact vacuum cleaner has no intricacies. Simply insert the charged battery Ryobi Cordless Vacuum 18V ONE + in a special compartment and the thumb slide switch forward. During testing, I used a lithium-ion high-capacity battery. This marked the battery for several years, but it has not been used very intensively, so was in excellent condition.

ryobi cordless vacuum

No battery vacuum cleaner weighs about 900 grams. And almost twice as much as a high-capacity battery.

On the handle of the vacuum cleaner has a rubber grip, which feels quite nice in the hand. The switch is successful, it is convenient to use, do not have to catch the hand during operation. But it is worth noting that the switch moves pretty tight.

Despite its modest size, the vacuum cleaner is quite noisy. The noise level is within 75-81 dB. For comparison, the same noise level at my table saws.

In the operation of the vacuum cleaner, its dust bag is quickly filled with garbage, and it is necessary periodically to empty.in order to do this, you need to remove the container from the body of the cleaner by pressing the dedicated button on the bag. Its that’s simple.

ryobi cordless vacuum

From the container, remove the cartridge from the filter, it is desirable to do over the bin. Now you can pour out the garbage from the plastic container. If necessary, it is possible to clean and the coarse filter.

ryobi cordless vacuum

To remove the filter from crepe paper, the two tabs on the sides need to press and then pull the filter in a plastic frame itself. The filter is fixed reliably and spontaneously fall should not.

ryobi cordless vacuum

Check Autonomy

During all tests, use a fully charged lithium-ion high-capacity battery Ryobi Cordless Vacuum P105 ONE +.

At first, I vacuumed all surfaces in the workshop, and then walked around the house, trying to collect any visible dust on surfaces. To detect the total time, I used a stopwatch. Stopwatch stopped when it was necessary to take a break, to empty the dust bag, or go into another room.

Quite capacious battery only took 19 minutes of continuous operation

At first, I have even thought that something was wrong with the vacuum cleaner, but he earned after charging the battery as if nothing had happened.

Then I decided to make a test on a different circuit. I just included a vacuum cleaner and put it on the table. After every 5 minutes, I gave the instrument a 5-minute break. The cycles were repeated until the battery is fully sat. In this case, the continuous operation time was 17 minutes.

During the previous two tests, I have not noted a significant heating of the vacuum cleaner or battery, so I decided to take a chance and allow the engine to run without interruption. Thus, the battery life was even smaller and amounted to 16 minutes.

During the experiment, a stable cleaner provided suction noise and stable pressure for about 80% of the time. Then the engine began to slow, and in the end, stopped abruptly.

Types of surfaces and dirt

I used a vacuum cleaner in a week, vacuuming the floor in the hallway, in the kitchen, and in the rooms. I note that we have a dog at home so that the present and wool. With hard surface cleaner deleted coat and without dust, problems proved sufficient suction power, even when the vacuum cleaner nozzle is elevated above the floor of about 5 centimeters. For a week short-term periodic cleanings, recharge the battery I did not have.

Once I had to get out of the shop, cleaning the surface of the relatively large debris. It is, of course, for the cleaning of hard surfaces.

If we talk about carpet cleaning, then there is a vacuum cleaner was virtually helpless. Moreover, the carpet we have not the highest pile. Of course, small pebbles or chips lying on the surface of the carpet, the vacuum cleaner could suck, but the hair and dirt caught in the pile, it was not too tough. Not much help, and brush to the crevice tool.

I also noticed that quite often a large filter becomes clogged before the container is filled with garbage, and suction power sags.

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To create a table depending on the battery life on the capacity of the battery used, as a basis I took the test results, in which the vacuum cleaner was able to work for 15 minutes. It is worth noting that this was the worst result, and under normal use, you can expect a better performance.

Since I used P105 battery capacity 48 Watt-hours can be calculated that 1 watt-hour provides approximately 31 seconds of continuous operation of the engine. Knowing this, we can calculate the time from different batteries. The results are shown in the table.

Model Capacity Hours

P100 27Wh ~ 8.4 min
P102 24Wh ~ 7.5 min
P105 48Wh ~ 15 min
P107 28Wh ~ 8.8 minutes

Indeed, a compact vacuum cleaner is difficult to imagine in the role of workhorse, which you will use to clean the whole house. Although the model during my testing has provided continuous operation within 16-19 minutes, it is difficult to imagine the use of scenario where you have to constantly use the vacuum cleaner for such a long time. Even 7.5 minutes of that provided when using the P102 battery, in most cases would be sufficient.


Emptying the dust bag requires more effort than usual. This is due to the fact that the container is removed together with the filter cartridge, which is then to be retrieved.

Vacuums ONE + showed himself well when cleaning hard surfaces, but it was not possible to achieve such a result on carpets. But this one would expect. For such problems, there is large powerful vacuum cleaners or brushes to clean the carpets.

I did not like and crevice tool. It is derived heavily from its compartment in order to fix it on the nose, the nozzle needs to be rotated 180 degrees. On the nozzle has a brush to use it, you need to move the brush back and fix. But it is held in place reluctantly. It is a pity that the vacuum cleaner is not compatible with standard size nozzles that many manufacturers have turned out much more successful.


If you already have the tools line Ryobi Cordless Vacuum 18V ONE + batteries and chargers, the vacuum cleaner without accessories will cost you only $ 25. The problem in our area may occur with the purchase of replacement filters. Online and can be booked for around $ 4. This year, Ryobi is going to present a new model of the vacuum cleaner, which will differ from that described only the chassis design. Blue plastic substitute green and the dust collector will turn black. So the vacuum cleaner will repeat the design of all new Ryobi tools.

Among the different types of Ryobi products, I have selected a few top quality vacuums.

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New Ryobi Vacuum Cleaner Models

1. Ryobi P3240 – Best Wet/Dry

  • Light-weight
  • Cordless
  • Weight – 10.9 pounds
  • Wet/Dry
  • Convertible to Handheld
  • Can use on – Bare Floor, Carpet, Concrete, Auto Interior, Laminate, Stairs, Tile, Upholstery, Vinyl, Wood & Leather
  • Rating – 4.6 out of 187 reviews

2. Ryobi P718k – Best Cordless Stick Vacuum

  • Cordless
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Weight – 7.2 lbs
  • Can use on – Bare Floor, Carpet, Laminate, Stairs, Tile, Upholstery, Vinyl, Wood & Leather
  • Rating – 4 out of 219

3. Ryobi P713 – Best Cordless Hand Vacuum

  • Cordless
  • 2.8 lbs
  • Light Weight
  • Long-Lasting
  • Rating – 4.2 out of 507 reviews

4. Ryobi P770 – Best 6 Gallon Vacuum

  • 6 Gallon
  • Cordless
  • Wet/Dry
  • Weight – 15 lbs
  • Rating – 4.3 out of 377 reviews

5. Ryobi P714K – Best Handheld Vacuum

  • Cordless
  • 2.8 lbs
  • Ryobi A32VC04 dual filter system
  • Powerfull
  • Rating – 4.2 out of 442 reviews

Another point I should mention about Ryobi is their high service. There are plenty of Ryobi master parts distributor granted by ryobi limited. You can order any Ryobi products or spare parts over the phone. Simply contact the Ryobi, tell your requirements and order what you want. It’s that simple.

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