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Ryobi table saw is one of the important tools in the tool department and works great for cutting woods. It is specially designed for the homeowner. Ryobi is manufactured by a company named as Techtronic Industries Co. Ltd. This is the same company that manufactures the professional power tools. When it comes to the cutting of sheets either of wood or metal, the Ryobi table saw is one of the tools that are widely used.

Top 03 Ryobi Table Saws

Ryobi table saw has more than one model. Some of the models are discussed here to make it clear to you which table saw can suit you the most.

01. Ryobi RTS 10g

When it comes to the model of Ryobi Rts 10g, a powerful motor of 15 – Amp can give up to 5,000 RPM for providing cutting powers. It has a 10-inch blade along with expanded rip capacity with 12-inch space to the right and 8 inches to the left of the blade.

It is a lightweight model that is designed for making the transport easy. If you really want to buy this model then try to buy RYOBI RTS10G 10 – inch Table Saw complete with stand. The particular table size is 17 X 25 inch that provides a moderate size and support for any cutting operation. This table saw has an adjustable meter gauge that helps in accurate cross cuttings. When it comes to the height of stand then it is 24 ¼ inches and the top of the stand is 35 ¼ inches from the floor. It is specially designed with such height as this height is perfect for a comfortable cutting.



02. Ryobi RTS 21G

This saw weighs around 50 pounds. It is powered by a motor of 120V that provides the saw enough power to cut things. Its ripping capacity is 27 inches right and 12 inches left to the blade. If you are making the saw cut at an angle of 90 then the depth of the cut will be 3 – ¼ inches whereas at an angle of 45, the depth of the cut will be 2 – ½ inches. The diameter of its blade is 10 inches.

Starting with the pros of Ryobi RTS 21G, it has a removable key for switch powers. This key increases a plus point and makes it safe for use. It is a lightweight table saw that enables you to carry it anywhere anytime you want. You can also carry its stand if it is necessary. Another plus point of Ryobi RTS 21G is that it has a capacity of ripping up to 27 inches and provides you with plenty of flexibility when it comes to ripping the sheet of 4 X 8 inches.

These advantages are enough to can convince you for using it. Along with these positive points, there also come some negative points. Where Ryobi RTS 10G has a straight and sometimes fixable stand, Ryobi RTS 21G comes with a collapsible stand. This quality of the stand makes it less durable. The fence that is used for ripping can get hard enough to line up. Another negative point of Ryobi RS21G is that the miter tool can be damaged easily if not handled with care.


03. Ryobi BT3000 Table Saw



Ryobi BT300 Table Saw is one of the models of Ryobi table saw that are used to cut large pieces of rough sawn and oak. It has many detachable parts but despite these detachable parts, it works great. It is best for performing heavy cuttings. The miter can cut up to 16 inch wide cuts and gives you accurate cross cuttings.




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Table Saw Extension

Table saw extension is another way to increase the surface area that can help you in ripping things easily and comfortably. This extension can help you in cutting large sheets of wood or metal according to your need.

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Table Saw Motor



Table saw motor varies from model to model. However, 15 AMP motor is considered as best for powering table saw for performing its functions effectively. Table saw motor enable the saw to cut the sheets of metals or wood efficiently in one go making the cuts smooth and clean.

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Ryobi Portable Table Saw


When it comes to Ryobi Portable Table Saw then there comes a variety of Ryobi table saw. Some of the portable table saws come with folding stands. Some have wheels that help in carrying the table saw from place to place. Another portables table saw comes with a quick stand.


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