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Stihl chainsaw prices are not so high and it is one of the best chainsaws available in the market. But in here will talk about some other competitive brands.


Sthil chainsaws come with many cool features which will deviate them with other brands. First, we will see some features with relevant STIHL product.

  • Lightweight – If you’re looking for a chainsaw which is not heavy, then you should try  Stihl MS 170 C-BQ. This is an electric powered chainsaw. Very handy for home use. And if you want a high electric power chainsaw, then try STIHL MS 250 C-Q. It is more powerful than MS170 C-BQ.
  • Gasoline powered – Some people preferred gasoline powered chainsaws than electric chainsaws. One of the reason is they are more powerful and most probably they are suitable for outdoor applications. Stihl MS 291 and MS 291C-BEQ are some preferred models.
  • Battery-Powered – Battery powered chainsaws are more portable and easy to use and handle. With the applications and purpose of use, it will vary. STIHL MSA 160 C-BQ is not only the best battery powered one but also it is best quite an option.

Quick Comparison

ModelMS 170MS 250MS 361MS 880 MAGNUM®MS 230 C-BE
Capacity1.3 kW2.3 kW3.4 kW6.4 kW2 kW
Weight3.9 kg4,6 kg5.6 kg10.1 kg4.9 kg
Power SourceGasPetrolPetrolGasPetrol
SpecialityBest Light-weightMost Reliable
and Versatile
Low Vibration
and Smooth cut
Best Heavy DutyMost Comfortable

So with all that stated, we should investigate the chainsaws underneath to perceive how the cutting tools cut it.


01. Stihl MS 170

The most expensive chainsaw in our rating of amateur equipment managed to become famous for the huge number of Chinese fakes on the market, so we do not exactly advise you to take it by hand, the only quality guarantee is the purchase of a new one at an authorized store. In work “Calm” I liked it – moderately heavy, quiet enough, with low level of vibrations. The carburetor is not particularly successful – depending on the setting of the saw, it can be difficult to find a “golden mean” in adjustment, either for hot or for cold purposes. Chainsaw MS 170 is equipped with automatic lubrication (yes, yes, the same). On the one hand – it is convenient: the oil does not leak when stored and transported, the consumption can be adjusted. On the other hand, the manufacturer’s decision to make an oil pump drive from crankshaft to a plastic worm cannot be called optimal: the worm quickly wears out at high speeds, and to replace it, it is necessary to remove both the manual starter and the centrifugal clutch, incidentally smeared with residual oil. Plus, fine wood dust actively clogs the space under the casing, sometimes managing to pollute even the oil channel, so the “Popilil-clean” rule for Stihl must be mandatory. The petrol tank and the oil tank here, by the way, are the smallest of all models that fall into the rating.


02. Stihl MS 250

The model came out controversial: on the one hand, it has enough power (3.1 hp), in operation the chainsaw proved to be convenient and reliable, but on the other – the tire along the length (35 or 40 cm) is closer to amateur models, sometimes it is these 10-15 cm to the standard in the half-meter class may not be enough. Of the interesting moments, we note an automatic brake that immediately stops the chain with a strong breakthrough, a carburetor with a balanced float chamber, not so strongly reacting to filter clogging by “floating” the composition of the mixture. As additional options the manufacturer offers a chain tensioning system without tools (“a screwdriver is needed out of the box”, the tensioner itself is not particularly convenient), an elastic damper of the launcher (the rope of the cable is really smooth). In winter, you can turn on a special heating mode – in this case the air from the cooling impeller is directed to the carburetor, preventing it from freezing. Switching is done with a conventional screwdriver, it does not take much time. What did not you like? Firstly, noise: passport 114 dB make themselves felt. Secondly, the starting device: a cold engine can start with one or two jerks, only very well accustomed to a particular saw. There is not enough manual pumping of fuel, two and in the gas tank would not be superfluous to control the level.


03. Stihl MS 361-16

This chainsaw is closer to the professional, if not for one “but” – the maximum length of the tire, which complements the model 361-16 – is 45 centimeters. Although the power of 4.6 hp unequivocally promises to be able to cut down the woods, tires for this are not enough. The cylinder with a four channel purge (which is noticeable and positively affected the capacity, because its volume – only 52 “cube”) is equipped with a decompressor, facilitating the launch. After a little warming up, you can see the efficiency of vibration damping … but complain about the noise: 115 dB will be forced to work in headphones if you often have to open the gas “to full’’. Most of all, the saw did not like its price – almost twice as high as that of the MS 250, and in fact, they are very constructive. Are such extra money worth the extra 5 centimeters of tires and one and a half “horses”? The question is very controversial.


04. Stihl MS 880-36

Again, “Calm” in its role – on the one hand, as if compensating for the short tires of the semi-professional series here already installed a 90-centimeter tire (indeed, a real spelike), on the other – the saw at the same time “fattened” to 10 kilograms, almost twice overtaking Husqvarna at a price. And this figure indicates the manufacturer without a bus and chain. Of course, with the feeling of the forest, it will show itself – here there will be an application and a near meter long tire, and a motor with a power of 8.7 hp. But in universality and price, the chainsaw clearly loses too many competitors, much more affordable. Will it compensate for this resource? The question remains open, we will not claim the total superiority of Stihl in terms of reliability.

05. Stihl Chainsaw MS 230 C-BE

stihl chainsaw

No wonder why this is so famous. If you try this chainsaw for once then you start falling in love with it. This saw is stacked with each element you could need, in addition to it comes standard with Stihl’s Duro carbide-tipped chain. In any case, what truly separates it is the Easy2Start framework. A delicate, unfaltering draw on the starter rope winds a spring that discharges when it beats the pressure weight, turning over the motor. It’s detectably less demanding to pull, without the jerkiness you ordinarily feel.

We additionally like that the air cleaner cover and gas and oil tops are anything but difficult to take off and supplant without devices. For an additional $50 over comparative size saws, you get a cutting apparatus that is super simple to begin and incorporates a carbide-tipped chain. Stihl chainsaw prices can be found on their websites.



What Customers Are Saying About Popular Sthil Chainsaws


For a cutting tool that will function admirably reliably for a considerable length of time to come, mark notoriety should assume a part of your buying choice. To enable you to pick up a thought of what clients think about each of the principle marks in the cutting apparatus space, we took a gander at the surveys of cutting tools sold by each. Here’s a synopsis of what genuine clients need to state.

Stihl Chainsaw  MS 230 C-BE

The new STIHL Chainsaw MS 230 C-BE Duro is the main STIHL cutting apparatus to include the STIHL PICCO™ Duro 3 saw chain. With carbide-tipped cutters, this chain requires less honing and augments the edge life of the cutter up to four times, diminishing chain upkeep and making it conceivably the last chain you will ever need to purchase.

Intended to hold an edge longer, the Stihl chainsaw MS 230 C-BE comes standard with a tool-less Quick Chain Adjuster for quick, simple chain modification and evacuation, a carburetor preheat shade alternative for regular adaptability, and cleanse direct preliminary to help to begin, the MS 230 C-BE is an extraordinary decision for extreme home cutting undertakings and tempest cleanup.




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