Welding Screen, Curtain and Blanket Complete Guide

Hello, welcome to the welding shop. In this article, I want to highlight some points, which will help you to get a clear idea about everything. We usually use some similar words for them. Such as welding blanket or curtains. Anyway, we will see what is welding screen? What are the applications? Materials? Screen features? Frames?

Everything you need to know

When we are welding we used to use welding mask or gloves. But, what about the people around? They are not using any safety equipment. So, if they looked at the flash it can affect their eyes. That is why we are using screens. Especially, when doing a welding in a public place it is must to use screens for the safety of people around. So it will protect their eyes from UV rays. Another important reason is temperature. If there are flammable materials around the place you need to welding, then you must use welding blankets for the safety purposes. For an example in fabric manufacturing companies, there will be dust or small fabric pieces all around the workplace such as knitting department or printing departments. So, there is a fire risk. A small spark enough to burn the whole factory. Therefore you must use welding blankets to prevent happening this.

Basic welding blanket features you need to consider

  • Type of work
  • Length and height
  • Withstand temperature
  • Portability
  • Material
  • Color
  • Frame




Type of work – This is something you need to pay more attention. Don’t depend on just one single work. Most of the people use to buy screen depending on one specific job. But when they have to do another type of welding, sometimes they need to buy new curtain again. So, just list down some works you need to do and buy them accordingly.

Length and Height – Now you know what are the types of work or application. SO, just take a look at the place you are going to weld and measure the requirements. The area you need to cover, anything flammable around that area or any other safety requirements you need to consider. Some standard sizes available in the market are 6ft x 6ft, 8ft x 6ft, 4ft x 6ft, 5ft x 4ft, 9ft x 6ft, 10ft x 6ft and etc.


Withstand temperature – If the area is flammable or need special attention of heating, you need to consider the temperature the screen will withstand or flame retarding. You can buy depending on the level you need, such as 150F, 350F, and 1000F (heavy-duty applications).

Portability – Portability is another important fact. Most of the times I prefer to have lightweight and easy to use welding blankets. If not you feel tired of using it.

Screen Material – You need to select the material depending on the application you are using and temperature withstand. For high-temperature applications, temperature around 1000F it’s better to go for Transparent PVC or Acrylic Coated Fiberglass. For the temperature 350F application you can go for Cotton Duck. For the applications of 150F, you can select Transparent Vinyl as the curtains material.

Color – Actually color really doesn’t matter much. But I will tell you available colors in the market. Grey, Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, and Olive are available colors.

Frame – There are some screens which are available with frames. So, it will help you to hold them. Therefore you don’t need to spend your time to find a method to hang them. But, on the other hand, if you more consider portability then this one may not good for you.

Few top quality screens for your welding shop

Tillman Vinyl Welding Curtain with Frame
This is heavy duty and flame-retardant vinyl welding curtain. Products of John Tilman company are well known all around the world. They have a range of welding related equipment and products. Such as welding gloves, screens, clothing, blankets and other accessories. Here I want to share my personal experience of Tilman welding curtain. I have purchased a Tilman screen for one of my friends in 2015, and he still uses it until now. So, it is very durable. Tilman offers different kinds of screens, such as portable screens, strip curtains, and rolling curtains. Another specialty of them is that they provide replacement curtain parts.

Here I have selected the curtain with frames. Though you think this is difficult to handle, actually it is not. It is very handy and it is very easy to adjust or fix. You can select the number of curtains, colors, and sizes depending on the application or requirements.


This comes with 6ft by 6ft, 2 panel, 14mil size, and features.

Tillman 3 Panel Blue Vinyl Welding Curtain with Frame
This is similar to above product, but it’s quite bigger than that as it has 3 panels. If you want to cover more area, instead of buying a new one you can try this. Other features are pretty similar 5ft x 5ft and 14mil.

Steiner 325-6X8 Transparent Vinyl Welding Curtain
If you prefer just the blanket no need of frames then you can try this. This is also 14mil flame retardant curtain which is portable and durable.

Weldflame Vinyl Welding Curtain
This one is very famous among most of the welders. It is 6ft x 8ft, flame-retardant, Grommet on all four sides, 12″ apart welding curtain. This is famous because it is very easy to use and portable.

So, these are few welding screens which are used by me and I didn’t go into many technical details as it will make you boring. I would like to invite you to comment your experience regarding these welding curtains and add your experience of any other product. Feel free to ask anything you want to know.

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